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Below are several of the more frequently asked question’s we receive at Manorfield, please take a look below to see if we can answer your question here, if not please use the contact form to the right hand side of the page!

Are you registered with the Care Quality Commission?  

Yes, please see the widget below the contact form for more information.

Where can I find a copy of recent Inspection reports?

Please Click Here >> to take you to the latest inspection report.

Does Manorfield comply with all Care Quality Commission standards?

Yes, we comply with all standards and in some categories we even exceed the standards.

What happens if a Resident needs a Doctor?

Our local GP makes a regular visit every Tuesday or as and when required.

What happens if my relative becomes ill and needs more care?

It is rare for one of our Residents to be moved for this reason since every effort is made to prevent this happening.

What do the fees include?

All care, Meals, Beverages, Laundry (but not dry cleaning) Heating and Lighting, all Entertainment, plus trips out are included within the fees paid.

Are there Staff on duty throughout the day and night?

Yes, there is a full complement of Staff scheduled 24 hours a day.

Can Residents smoke in the Home?

No, however smoking is permitted outside the building if required.

Do we cater for special individual dietary needs?

Yes, we try to meet all individual dietary and cultural food requirements

What are the fees for becoming a Resident?

These will vary based on the level of care needed and the size and specification of the room. Please use the contact form Here >> to get in contact with a member of staff.

Can Residents bring articles of furniture and favourite personal treasures?

Yes, we encourage Residents to personalise their rooms and to make them their own.

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